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How to Make Mom's Super Laundry Detergent - Instructions

In between my jewelry making, I was itching to make something else...Detergent!
To my surprise, it cleans very good and doesn't leave any residue.
I found this recipe here: ( ).
You need to follow the recipe exactly and it really wasn't that hard to make. Just don't skimp on melting the borax and washing soda completely. I added a baby powder scent by Perex Softener to mine but it didn't make any difference. I would just add a softener in the dryer instead.
Also use the quart size mason jars, not any other size. It will fit on most blenders too!
Here is the recipe and my outcome =)

1 bar Fels Naptha (Yes, the ENTIRE Bar!)
1 cup 20 Mule Team Borax
1 cup Arm & Hammer Washing Soda (NOT BAKING SODA!!)
4 cups of hot water

  • Put 4 cups of water in a large heavy saucepan over high heat. While that is heating, mix the borax and washing soda together in a bowl, mixing well, set aside.
  • Grate the Fels Naptha- I used a pryamid grater so it can be set on the table
  • Add the freshly grated soap to the water in the saucepan, stirring almost constantly. Reduce the heat to medium, It will take approximately 10 – 15 minutes for the Fels Naptha to complete dissolve.
    It should be a rolling, simmering boil where you must stir constantly but it does not foam heavily or seem to "creep up" the saucepan.
  • Once the fels naptha has completely melted, remove the pan from the heat and add in the Borax and the Washing Soda, stirring constantly until the powders are completely dissolved. It took me 20 mins.  Do not under-stir or your soap texture will be very grainy rather than smooth. (You can fee the "graininess" on the bottom of the pan, once you can't feel it, it's incorporated fully!)
  • Pour the liquid equally into (2) 1 quart Mason jars.
  • Add just enough water to bring the contents up to the “shoulders” or rounded part of the jar, leaving approximately 1 ½ inches of headspace.
  • Put the lid on the jars and turn them UPSIDE DOWN and let them sit a few hours (about 4 - 5 hours). I let it sit for 3 1/2 while it was still warm. The reason for this is that the soap is going to separate into layers while it's resting and occasionally will form crystals on the bottom. Rather than waste these trying to scrape them off, in the next step we're going to incorporate them easily! Btw, if you leave it overnight it will have a slightly grainier texture than if you whip it immediately after 4 hours. Mine separated within minutes of turning them upside down.
  • There are two ways to do this next step, depending on what you have for equipment. Here's how I like to do it- unscrew the blade and bottom from your blender and screw them onto your regular mouthed mason jar containing all of your ingredients.  
  • Place the entire mason jar on the blender and whip until smooth and creamy throughout, about a minute. Flip back over, unscrew the blender blade, attach a cover and seal.
  • You are done!
  • To use, add 1 Tablespoon to a load of laundry in any type of machine, conventional, Front Loader, High Capacity & High Efficiency (HE), etc. Do not add the detergent to the "detergent compartment" but instead directly with the dirty clothes. The detergent is Smooth and creamy with the same Look and consistency of Mayonnaise. Be sure to label the jar to prevent accidental ingestion!