Thursday, August 19, 2010

Large organic standing vegetable planter box!

I have been itchin to grow veggies in our garden for quite some time now. Since we have massive raids of cute plump raccoons almost every night, I knew I wouldn't be able to plant on the ground. They love the soft soil and have been tearing up our pretty flowers! So I had an idea to build a standing garden.
I asked my hubby all week to build me one and finally on the weekend he did! It is so awesome...the tomatoes have room to basil is getting really full,
my bell peppers are growing like crazy along with my wax peppers and my carrots are peeking through. All in one box! I noticed when I add 'bone meal' before planting each plant, I had tons of blossoms growing quickly! I also made sure to water gently and not to splash water on the leaves. So many things I have learned!

My drawing of the planter.

When you see small dark poo droppings, you know the hornworn is right above it somewhere.

Can you see him camouflaged under the leaf? they are always under a leaf..

The hornworms are harmless when you pull them off the plant. I just throw them in the canyon near by instead of squishing them. This bugger was around 3 inches long.

You can see my irrigation system.