Wednesday, March 11, 2009

22k Gold Two Peas in a Pod Pearl Necklace

When working with 'pure gold'..I get all excited and can't wait for the final outcome..
I stand by the kiln like a little kid in a candy store..
When I hear the kiln beep to let me know it had finished firing..I open the door to reveal what I had just made...
22k gold has a rich yellow color and is quite heavier then pure silver metals.
Adding Pearls for the final touch.. a couple pictures taken from my camera...and off it goes in cute packaging, ready to be shipped to it's new owner...this 22k gold two peas in a pod necklace is a present from a husband to his wife as they are expecting twins at the end of the month. How exciting!! I'm very happy to make this special piece for them:)


  1. How those pearls attach to gold? Nice necklace!

  2. The Pearls are attached very securely and isn't a easy task!:-) Thank you for the compliments!

  3. Awesome pearl necklace!! soo sweet necklace, i like it very much..