Monday, June 9, 2008

Escape from Alcatraz 2008

Alcatraz sunrise..
(waking up at 3:30am so my hubby can get organized and drive down to the bay wasn't my cup of tea...but then I would of missed this pretty sunrise at 5:45am:) ( click for larger view)

Transition area with 1800 bikes..

Theres my hubby with his golden smile!! coming off from his 1.5 swim:)
(click picture for larger view)

The Alcatraz Triathlon was quite an event.
At 6am I watched the sunrise which was picture perfect with Alcatraz coming into was very beautiful plus the weather couldn't be better: the high was 70 degrees on race day...
I'm very proud of my hubby, especially with the water temp. being 56 degrees. *Brrrr*...thats too cold for me!!

I went around fighting the crowds and focusing on my hubby, making sure he didn't pass by for some good pictures:) I missed him on the bike as there were way too many people to get through.

We drove 7 hours later that day back to San Diego..
Here is his swim chart taken from his Garmin...kinda neat right?(click picture for larger view) :) I must say all 1800 people were spread everywhere with the current taking many swimming so far west they had canoes redirecting them back on track. Quite a site to see!

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